Explore #7: Father Hudson’s Society (St Mary’s nursing home), Birmingham – September 2013

On the way to a family get-together for my Uncle and Aunt’s wedding anniversary celebrations in Birmingham, Dora P and I decided to use the opportunity to do a quick explore of this former nursing home on the outskirts of Brum. The Father Hudson’s Society was established by catholic priest George Vincent Hudson in 1902, and a history of the Society can be read here. Sadly, St. Mary’s was subject to an arson attack earlier this year, and the place…

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Explore #6: Dereham Maltings (Crisp Malting Group), Dereham, Norfolk – September 2013

What better way to spend a glorious sunny afternoon with your wife than by crawling around in truly industrial quantities of spider webs and pigeon crap in the almost-to-total pitch black. Despite having our P3 masks firmly on throughout, I don’t think I’ll forget the less than pleasant atmosphere for a while. I also managed to gash my wrist on some broken glass right at the start of the explore. With the first aid kit in the car, and my…

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Explore #5: Tuberculosis Hospital, Mundesley, Norfolk – September 2013

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to gain access inside the hospital building, and did see evidence of VERY recent new boarding in a couple of locations which may, or may not, have had a bearing on us failing where others have fairly recently succeeded. We did, however, get some exterior shots of what is a beautiful building, together with a few from a very decrepit shack up in the woods to the rear of the main building, featuring Laurence LLewelyn Bowen…

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