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Explore #232: Istvántelek Train Yard, Budapest, Hungary – September 2018

Explore #1 of the ‘Lightweights & Heavyweights’ Tour Coming up are some posts from a fantastic five days in and around Budapest in September 2018 with Mark, James and Jade. We explored some real ‘heavyweights’ of abandoned beauty, as well as enjoying Budapest’s traditional sights and getting very drunk in their famous ruin bars (we being the ‘lightweights’ part of the tour title!) and soothing our hangovers in magnificent outdoor spas. As soon as we had collected our car and…

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** Bonus Post** Colonial-era buildings of Yangon, Myanmar – November 2016

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) was a British colony from 1824 until 1948 when it gained independence. It was then run under strict military rule for more than half a century until Htin Kyaw took office as the country’s first democratically elected leader in April 2016. Since gaining independence in 1948, virtually no conservation or repair work has been carried out on the numerous grand colonial-era buildings in the nation’s capital of Yangon (formerly Rangoon). Nearly all of these stunning…

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Drone Mavic Pro Aerial from above Ardeer Power Station ICI Nobel Scotland Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration Access 2018 Abandoned decay ruins lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie

Explore #227: Ardeer Power Station, ICI Nobel, Scotland – September 2018

Explore #5 of the ‘North of The Wall’ Tour Day Two After a very comfortable night’s sleep wild camping on the Ayrshire coast, we packed up our tents and made our way to this slice of decaying industrial goodness… History The power station was built post war during the 1950s to provide power to the ICI Nobel chemicals plant, with a stated output capacity of 16MW from two Bruce Peebles and Co steam-powered turbines. The station closed in the early…

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