View from the balcony upstairs Theatre Theater Entertainment Hall Tbilisi Georgia Soviet era Adam X AdamXPhotos Urbex Urban Exploration 2018 2019 Abandoned Access History decay ruins lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie security

Explores #240 and #240A (revisit): Ex-Soviet Theatre and Entertainment Hall, Tbilisi, Georgia – October 2018 and July 2019

Explore #4 of the ‘Love Bears’ Tour History This theatre and entertainment hall was built over a century ago in the European Neoclassical style. During the Soviet era it was used as a cinema / movie theatre, and was the meeting place of Officers in the army. Other parts of the complex were a gathering place for poets, musicians, and other artists, as well as journalists. Whilst the rest of the building is still in use to this day, this…

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Ornate inside graffiti Cable car cableway station closed Tbilisi Georgia Soviet era Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration 2018 Abandoned Access History decay ruins lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie security Rustaveli Avenue mount Mtatsminda Georgian National Academy of Sciences

Explore #239: Rustaveli Avenue Cableway Station, Tbilisi, Georgia – October 2018

Explore #3 of the ‘Love Bears’ Tour History (rewritten and abridged from here, here, and here) The lower station of the Mtatsminda cableway was designed by architect Konstantine Chkheidze, and is set in the grounds of the Academy of Sciences. Construction completed in October 1959, and its design has drawn comparisons with Frank Lloyd Wright’s far more celebrated Guggenheim Museum, which was built in New York in the same year. The station has a sense of space and airiness, with…

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Faiencerie S Poterie S trolley cart bowls Poterie DGM Urbex Pottery ceramics ceramic factory France Adam X Urban Exploration Access 2016 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location

Explore #160: Poterie DGM, aka Faiencerie S/Poterie S, France – February 2016

Explore #7 of ‘The Smell of Cheap Cologne Tour’ The final explore of our long weekend in Germany, Belgium and France was this long abandoned pottery, for which access was probably more memorable than the actual explore! History This region in the Northeast of France is well known for its ceramics. However this small pottery closed down many years ago when advances in technology made its limited facilities uncompetitive and its owner fled to Montenegro owing millions of Francs to…

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