exterior external scaffolding grand hotel thermal Hotel Des Thermes Adam X Urban Exploration France Access 2017 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie

Explore #203: Grand Hotel Thermal aka Hotel des Thermes, France – May 2017

Explore #2 of the ‘Hot Filth Tour’ History A disused former hotel/health spa, which drew hot mineral water from local springs to impart healing properties to its guests, particularly the elderly and disabled. It has been closed for many years, and is now (2017) in the process of being redeveloped. Our Explore After our early morning explore of the Centrale de Schneider power plant, we had some breakfast and made the short journey to the derelict Grand Hotel Thermal, not…

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Explore #17c (third revisit, by moon and morning light): Severalls Asylum, Colchester, Essex – May 2014

Sevs holds a special place in the hearts of many Urban Explorers, including my own. Famed for its beautiful decaying corridors, morgue, peeling paint and Michael the legendary security guard it deserves more than one visit. After my epic 8-hour explore in November 2013 (see that report for full history and many of Sevs’ highlights), and the fun and festivities of ‘Santa Sevs’ in December 2013, it was time to pay the old girl a revisit. The plan this time…

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