Explore #237 (Part 3): Bathhouse number 5, Bathhouse number 8, and Train Station, Tskaltubo, Georgia – October 2018

Explore #1 of the ‘Love Bears’ Tour Welcome to the third and final instalment of what was an incredibly packed day of exploring the Soviet-era spa town of Tskaltubo. Have a look at my two previous posts for further shots from this amazing place, and details of its history in Part 1. I’ll crack straight on with the photos… Bathhouse Number 5 In its heyday, Tskaltubo had nine bathhouses located around the central park area. These formed an important part…

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Front entrance exterior external outside Hotel Medea Tskaltubo Georgia Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration 2018 Abandoned Access History decay ruins lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie security

Explore #237 (Part 2): Hotels Medea, Metallurgy, Tbilisi and Sakartvelo, Tskaltubo, Georgia – October 2018

Explore #1 of the ‘Love Bears’ Tour Following on from my first report from the ‘Soviet Riviera’ Georgian spa resort of Tskaltubo, in which I explored Sanatoriums Iveria and Imereti, this report covers four of the town’s former hotels: – Hotel Medea – Hotel Metallurgy / Metalurgi – Hotel Tbilisi – Hotel Sakartvelo Hotel Medea Built between 1954 and 1962, and formerly known as Sanatorium Tsekavshiri, Hotel Medea was a hotel and sanatorium with a capacity of 326 beds. It…

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lady in red control room power plant Industry Industrial Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration Belgium Access 2017 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie

Explore #215: ‘Lady in Red’ Control Room, France – August 2017

Explore #7 of the ‘Greased Otters Tour’ Please excuse the cringeworthy Urbex codename, not of my doing… History This control room is all that now remains of a former gas and oil-fired power plant, built in the early 2000s to power a paper mill next door. The mill once boasted a production output of 330,00 tonnes of paper per annum, employing almost 350 staff. Production declined during the 2010s, and after failing to sell the site it was closed down…

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