Green staircase stairs stairwell ornate spiral Tbilisi Georgia Soviet era Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration 2018 Abandoned Access History decay ruins lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie security

Explore #238: Tbilisi’s hidden staircases, Georgia – October 2018

Explore #2 of the ‘Love Bears’ Tour After our jam-packed day of exploring in Tskaltubo, we made our way to Tbilisi for a few days. Georgia’s capital is a vibrant and varied city, and I can recommend to to anyone looking for an enjoyable city break – diverse history, delicious food and wine, and incredibly friendly locals. The only downside is the traffic – even our Italian team mate Diego thought they drove like maniacs! My first post from Tbilisi…

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** Bonus Post** Colonial-era buildings of Yangon, Myanmar – November 2016

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) was a British colony from 1824 until 1948 when it gained independence. It was then run under strict military rule for more than half a century until Htin Kyaw took office as the country’s first democratically elected leader in April 2016. Since gaining independence in 1948, virtually no conservation or repair work has been carried out on the numerous grand colonial-era buildings in the nation’s capital of Yangon (formerly Rangoon). Nearly all of these stunning…

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Pulpit Star Trek Church Chappelle Des Mineurs Chapelle Saint Bernadette cronfestu Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration Belgium Access 2017 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie

Explore #213: Star Trek Chapel aka Chapelle des Mineurs, Belgium – August 2017

Explore #5 of ‘The Greased Otters Tour’. After our epic and exhausting explore of HFX steel works we decided that we would spent our final day of the trip doing a number of smaller and lower key sites en route to our eurotunnel crossing. First up on Day Three was this gorgeous little chapel, which had been on my map for years but I’d somehow never quite got around to visiting – I’m glad I finally did! History Construction of…

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