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Explore #204: ‘Steampunk Commander’ powerplant, Belgium – May 2017

Explore #3 of the ‘Hot Filth Tour’ Crossing over into Belgium on Day One of our industrial-focussed exploring weekend, we made a quick stopover to see this picturesque little control room. Please excuse the uber-naff Urbex ‘codename’ for the location – nothing to do with me! History I’ve not been able to find any details directly, but according to other reports this was once a ‘turbo-jet’ powered plant. Its purpose was to enable very quick electricity generation to meet spikes…

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Urbex Urban Exploration Powerplant Gigawatt XL Cloud Factory turbine hall turbines

Explore #84: Powerplant Gigawatt, aka XL aka The Cloud Factory, Belgium – August 2014

Explore #6 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour After racking up 5 successful explores on day one of the trip the beers that night hit us hard – with the lack of sleep on top we were all pretty merry after about 3 of the premium local beers! So much so that Dan decided that it would be hilarious if he slept al fresco on our balcony that night… …although after much childish giggling and taking of photos we did…

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