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Explore #238: Tbilisi’s hidden staircases, Georgia – October 2018

Explore #2 of the ‘Love Bears’ Tour After our jam-packed day of exploring in Tskaltubo, we made our way to Tbilisi for a few days. Georgia’s capital is a vibrant and varied city, and I can recommend to to anyone looking for an enjoyable city break – diverse history, delicious food and wine, and incredibly friendly locals. The only downside is the traffic – even our Italian team mate Diego thought they drove like maniacs! My first post from Tbilisi…

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Explore #63: Lycée V, Belgium – June 2014

Explore #8 of the Operation Baguette tour It was only 7.15am when we arrived at what was already our second location of the day – this abandoned school, located slap-bang in the middle of a busy Belgian town. I haven’t been able to locate much history on this place, other than it used to be a girls’ school and now it’s closed and is being slowly reclaimed by nature. The light, colours and textures of this place had always really…

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Explore #61: Bureau Central, France – June 2014

Explore #6 of the Operation Baguette tour By the time we had finished exploring Pensionnat Catholique it was mid-afternoon, and despite having already driven 200 miles we had the same distance still to cover to get to our hotel for the night. However I’m glad that we still took the time to pay a late afternoon visit to the deceptively interesting and distinctly creepy Bureau Central. History The former central administrative offices for the operations of a large French commercial…

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