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Explore #165: Grand Hotel Atlantis, Germany – May 2016

Explore #5 of ‘The Picnics & Palaces Tour’ The afternoon of this explore was one of my favourite times on our whole week-long tour through East Germany and Poland. The sun was shining, we’d already had a couple of successful explores under our belts that morning, and were all in great spirits as we rocked out to this ace piece of German hip hop (really!) on the local radio whilst driving through some beautiful alpine countryside. I hope I get…

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Explore #61: Bureau Central, France – June 2014

Explore #6 of the Operation Baguette tour By the time we had finished exploring Pensionnat Catholique it was mid-afternoon, and despite having already driven 200 miles we had the same distance still to cover to get to our hotel for the night. However I’m glad that we still took the time to pay a late afternoon visit to the deceptively interesting and distinctly creepy Bureau Central. History The former central administrative offices for the operations of a large French commercial…

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