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Nice Stairs Villa Mansion Urbex Poland Adam X Urban Exploration Access 2016 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location haunting eerie

Explore #176: Villa ‘Nice Stairs’, Poland – May 2016

Explore #16 of ‘The Picnics & Palaces Tour’ Next up was a quick stopover at this large abandoned house, now lost in overgrown woodland. Click on any photo to OPEN LIGHTBOX AND VIEW LARGE We picked our way through the undergrowth to the front of the property… Straining to get the full sweep of the staircase within a single shot, I crammed myself into a dust and cobweb-filled corner, crumbling paint and plaster falling off the wall down the back…

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Maria and Ivan Ivanovitch Paryshiv village Chernobyl Pripyat Urbex Adam X Urban Exploration 2015 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict

Chernobyl: Ivan and Maria Ivanovitch, Paryshiv village – April 2015

History After the disaster Ivan and his wife Maria were evacuated to an apartment block near Kiev. Hating the city, within two years they returned to their village just a few miles from the Chernobyl power plant, where they have steadfastly remained ever since. Today in their 80s they share what remains of Paryshiv village with just three other residents. Our visit It was a privilege to meet Ivan and Maria. Ivan in particular seemed to really enjoy the attention,…

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Picture gas masks House of the Soldier's Widow Wales Urbex Urban exploration Adam X Urban Exploration Photo photos photographs UK March 2015 report abandoned disused derelict decay decayed

Explore #128: House of the Soldier’s Widow, UK – March 2015

It was another pre-dawn start for the final day of our UK exploring long weekend. Luckily we didn’t have too far to drive to our first location of the day… a time capsule cottage on the outskirts of a small country village. As with most residential abandonments I don’t have any firm history of this place. From those who have spent far longer there rummaging through the ephemera which still remains, it is thought that the previous owners were a…

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