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Explore #126: The Cloud Cottage / Cloud House, Wales – March 2015

At the end of a long working week I set off on a UK weekender with three explorer buddies – my usual partner in civil trespass James Kerwin, his girlfriend Jade, and the mysterious Slaaaayaaa (aka Ben). Our first stop was to rendezvous in London for a brief revisit (for me) of Finsbury Park reservoir. The plan after that was to drive through the night to deepest darkest Wales in order to explore an amazing old quarry filled with scrap…

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Upstairs landing bannisters roof windows hole Adam X Urbex UE Urban Exploration Belgium Villa Maison SS House Townhouse abandoned derelict unused empty disused decay decayed decaying grimy grime collapsing overgrown

Explore #103: Maison SS, Belgium – September 2014

Explore #2 of the Taking the Piscine Tour After exploring Piscine Crachoir it was on to this abandoned house, set deep inside overgrown grounds on the outskirts of a Belgian village. I haven’t been able to find anything by way of history on this place, and we didn’t spend long there as it was stripped out and suffering from extensive damage. As always [click on a photo to VIEW LARGE] Through the front door into the hallway. The downstairs living…

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Villa Vital Adam X Urbex - bedroom

Explore #83: Villa Vital, Belgium – August 2014

Explore #5 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour The fifth and final explore of Day One of the GW&ML tour was this abandoned townhouse, somewhere in Belgium. By this stage we were all pretty shattered and yearning for showers and beers, but decided to stop by en route to our hotel. Myself and Dan of MrDan Explores quickly scouted out the access, and had a look inside. We were both a bit freaked out to see a curtain hanging down…

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