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Pool from the diving blocks end Adam X Urbex UE Urban Exploration Belgium Piscine Crachoir swimming pool abandoned derelict unused empty disused decay decayed decaying grimy grime

Explore #102: Piscine Crachoir, Belgium – September 2014

Explore #1 of the Taking the Piscine Tour The Euro trips kept on coming thick and fast throughout 2014, and next up was a long weekend back to Belgium. We dubbed it “Taking the Piscine” Tour on account of the two swimming pools on our target list. In the end we only managed to get to this one… History This classic swimming pool was built in 1915 during the First World War to keep the local workers from having to…

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Adam X Alla Italia Belgium Urbex Urban Exploration ceiling shot looking up paintings artwork carving statues windows

Explores #88 and #88a (revisit): Alla Italia health spa, Belgium – August and September 2014

Explore #11 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour The final day of our Belgian weekender was another stupidly early start, so that we could make our entrance to this beautiful former spa whilst still under the cover of darkness. As with The Grand Hotel Regnier I also ended up paying a revisit to this location a month or so later, so have combined my shots from both visits into this single report. History I can’t say much about this location,…

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Bowling Alley Urbex Belgium

Explore #82: Bowling Alley / Medieval Bar / Windmill, Belgium – August 2014

Explore #4 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour Pressing on through the sleep deprivation, next on our hit list was this Bowling Alley. Or was it a medieval theme bar? Or was it a windmill? It was all three of course! They say it’s important to diversify your business, but sadly that doesn’t seem to have quite done the trick here. Strikes and gutters, dude, strikes and gutters… We spent a relaxed hour here before heading off to our fifth…

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