Explore #42: Millennium Mills, London – April 2014

After my last couple of relatively short reports I’ve got a whopper for you this time – I hope you bear with me and read the write up and don’t just skip straight to the pics! So… It’s 10pm on a Friday night, at the end of a long and tiring week at work. Am I relaxing with a few beers down the pub? Nope, I’m packing my camera, lenses, P3 masks, spare clothes, energy drink, and buttering some hot-crossed…

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Explore #41: St Peter’s Mortuary, Chertsey, Surrey – March 2014

After my climb of Kings Reach Tower, and my visit to CMH being cut short by the Ghurka security my energy was starting to wane. Nevertheless I was determined to give this location another go, having failed during a previous visit in August 2013, and was rewarded with gaining access this time! A very brief history St. Peter’s Hospital was initially built to house the casualties of the Second World War. The mortuary was built in the 1940s, but after…

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Explore #40: Cambridge Military Hospital (maternity ward), Aldershot, Hampshire – March 2014

After a night of breathtaking views in great company on the Kings Reach Tower climb it was time to make the middle-of-the-night drive solo down to Aldershot for my next target – Cambridge Military Hospital (or CMH to its friends). It was a surreal experience coming down from the adrenaline high of earlier in the night and driving around an almost deserted M25 at about 3.45am – at one point I must have driven for over a minute without seeing…

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