pink and blue corridor ivy peeling paint Connacht District Lunatic Asylum St Brigid’s Hospital Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration Ireland Ballinasloe Access 2017 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie

Explore #217: Connacht District Lunatic Asylum / St Brigid’s Hospital, Ballinasloe, Ireland – September 2017

Explore #2 of the ‘Almost Died Tour’ The first proper explore of our Ireland trip was an absolute beauty… History (abridged and rewritten from here and here) Connacht District Lunatic Asylum (latterly known as St Brigid’s Hospital) was one of the earliest of the Irish district asylums, and opened in Ballinasloe Co. Galway in 1833 with an intial capacity of 150. It was designed by William Murray, based on an earlier design by Francis Johnson, and built to an X-shaped…

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Front facade moody haunting atmospheric Denbigh Asylum Wales Urbex Urban exploration Adam X Urban Exploration Photo photos photographs UK March 2015 report abandoned disused derelict decay decayed

Explore #127: Denbigh Asylum, Wales – March 2015

After an enjoyable pub lunch to rejuvenate our group from a long night and day of exploring, we ended the day with paying what was for me a long overdue visit to Denbigh Asylum. History (abridged from here) With the Lunatic Act passed in 1808 every county in the country was to provide an institute for the mentally ill, but by 1840 North Wales was still without such an institution because the poor rural communities could not afford to erect…

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