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Explore #199: Happy World Theme Park, Yangon, Myanmar – November 2016

History (rewritten and abridged from here and here) The park opened in 1997 to great fanfare in a lavish ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by the great and powerful in Myanmar’s military dictatorship and even the Japanese ambassador, whose country supplied the rides. State media called the park “a recreation centre for the people”, with “world class… modern games”. Not to be confused with the other ‘Happy World’ park in Yangon which is still in operation, this Park closed under mysterious circumstances…

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Chernobyl: Pripyat #1– Avanhard Stadium, Fairground with Ferris Wheel and Bumper Cars, Palace of Culture ‘Energetik’, Polissya Hotel, Music School – April 2015

The main reason for my trip, apart from finally getting to meet lots of fellow explorers in person rather than online, was to explore the unique abandoned city of Pripyat. As always, click on a photo to VIEW LARGE Over the course of three days I explored a decent chunk of the highlights of what still remains three decades on. I’ve split my photos from this incredible ghost city into four separate reports as follows: 1. Avanhard Stadium, Fairground with…

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