Domien de Waghemakere

booths woodwork maps ceiling ornate tiles CDC Chambre De Commerce Antwerp Belgium Antwerpen Urbex Adam X Urban Exploration 2015 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict

Explore #43a (revisit): Chambre De Commerce (CDC), Antwerp, Belgium – May 2015

The ‘CDC’ former stock exchange in Antwerp was my very first European explore back in April 2014. I was in awe of other explorers’ photos before I was lucky enough to see it first hand, and it has remained firmly in my shortlist of favourite buildings ever since. I attempted a revisit later in 2014, but despite our best efforts we failed to gain access on that occasion. So in May 2015 when I heard that a new access was…

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Explore #43: Chambre De Commerce (CDC), Antwerp, Belgium – April 2014

Explore #1 of the 3 Eurovirgins and a Europro Tour The Chambre De Commerce (or CDC to its friends) has long been top of my list of European sites that I’ve most wanted to visit. So when it came to planning my debut Urbex trip to Europe in the most excellent company of Darren Smith of Desolate Nation, Richie Gowen of Richard Gowen Photography and Rebecca Litchfield of Rebecca Litchfield Photography, I was pretty much adamant that the CDC had…

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