Explore #43: Chambre De Commerce (CDC), Antwerp, Belgium – April 2014

Explore #1 of the 3 Eurovirgins and a Europro Tour The Chambre De Commerce (or CDC to its friends) has long been top of my list of European sites that I’ve most wanted to visit. So when it came to planning my debut Urbex trip to Europe in the most excellent company of Darren Smith of Desolate Nation, Richie Gowen of Richard Gowen Photography and Rebecca Litchfield of Rebecca Litchfield Photography, I was pretty much adamant that the CDC had…

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Explore #42: Millennium Mills, London – April 2014

After my last couple of relatively short reports I’ve got a whopper for you this time – I hope you bear with me and read the write up and don’t just skip straight to the pics! So… It’s 10pm on a Friday night, at the end of a long and tiring week at work. Am I relaxing with a few beers down the pub? Nope, I’m packing my camera, lenses, P3 masks, spare clothes, energy drink, and buttering some hot-crossed…

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Explore #41: St Peter’s Mortuary, Chertsey, Surrey – March 2014

After my climb of Kings Reach Tower, and my visit to CMH being cut short by the Ghurka security my energy was starting to wane. Nevertheless I was determined to give this location another go, having failed during a previous visit in August 2013, and was rewarded with gaining access this time! A very brief history St. Peter’s Hospital was initially built to house the casualties of the Second World War. The mortuary was built in the 1940s, but after…

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