Gas Holder

Norwich Gas Holder Night Nighttime Urbex Adam X Urban Exploration Access 2016 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie

Explore #4a (revisit): Gas Holder, Norwich, Norfolk – January 2016

Another explore which I’d forgotten about and just found on my hard drive – I will be back to chronological posting from the next post onwards! This was a short revisit to this local gas holder, which had been one of my earliest explorers back in September 2013. I’m far from happy with the shots, but am posting them for the sake of completeness. Visited with Magpie Tommy. Thanks for popping by. Adam X

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Explore #4: Gas Holder, Norwich, Norfolk – September 2013

This was a local explore with friend and fellow photography enthusiast Mr EOV. We hadn’t done much of a recce of access to the site in advance, other than a drive by which had confirmed 8 ft+ palisade fencing. Unfortunately we did this explore on a “school night” (i.e. a weekday evening), and by the time we arrived it was no longer the early dusk for which we had been planning, but pretty much dark. Getting in and out of the site…

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