Explore #2: Ebridge Mill, North Walsham, Norfolk – August 2013

This was my second explore, and again a pretty successful one. The place was absolutely full of pigeons, remains of pigeon, and pigeon crap – you get the idea. Explored with Dora P, and we were both very grateful to have our P3 rated masks with us! Here is a brief background to the mill, taken from The Norfolk Mills Site: “Ebridge Mill was also sometimes known as North Walsham Mill. The old mill was 5 storeys high and built…

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Explore #1: Rock N Roll Farm, Norfolk – August 2013

This was my very first explore, and was successful beyond my wildest hopes. The site is a farmhouse and outbuildings in rural Norfolk, and from what I can gather has been empty since circa 2006. I visited with Dora P (aka Mrs X), and we were fully expecting to be unable to gain access to the farmhouse itself, but were pleasantly suprised! Thanks for looking.

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