light painting

Explore #36: The Bunker, somewhere in the UK, some time ago…

This was a pretty special explore – a huge cold-war era, 3-level air defence radar bunker. The location is top-secret, so don’t even think about asking, cos I won’t be telling! In order to protect the site as much as possible I’m not including any history either, so will just crack on with the photos – all shots were taken using the “light painting”by torchlight technique. You can read more about that here. Looking back it’s quite surreal to think…

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Explore #16: Harford Hills Chalk Mine, Norwich, Norfolk – November 2013

After clambering up the gantry on my revisit to the timber yard, for our next explore of the day Kubix_UK and I decided to head underground to Harford Hills Chalk Mine. The experience was about 25% anxiety and 75% enjoyment I would say – I did my best not to think of Tom and Becky lost in Injun Joe’s cave… Here is a short background to the mines, taken from this excellent site, which includes a fairly comprehensive survey of…

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