Explore #9: George Barnsley & Sons, Sheffield – September 2013

Dora P and I explored this wonderful place one sunny Sunday morning on the way back from a visit to a friend in Leeds. We bumped into two local explorers when we first got in, but otherwise had the place to ourselves for the next four hours until hunger finally got the better of us. Walking around it really felt like we had stepped through a portal back in time, yet with present-day Sheffield still visible outside and the sounds…

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Explore #8: Crookham Court School, Thatcham, Berkshire – September 2013

After my Uncle and Aunt’s wedding anniversary celebrations in Birmingham the day before (see Explore #8), Dora P and I headed South to stay with one of my sisters in Surrey. The next day we were off to Southampton to see England v Australia in the cricket ODI (I had managed to win free tickets through Natwest – result!). As the match didn’t start until 2pm, we decided to have an early start and explore Crookham Court in the morning.…

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Explore #5: Tuberculosis Hospital, Mundesley, Norfolk – September 2013

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to gain access inside the hospital building, and did see evidence of VERY recent new boarding in a couple of locations which may, or may not, have had a bearing on us failing where others have fairly recently succeeded. We did, however, get some exterior shots of what is a beautiful building, together with a few from a very decrepit shack up in the woods to the rear of the main building, featuring Laurence LLewelyn Bowen…

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