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Explore #110: HMS Ganges Swimming Pool, Shotley, Suffolk – November 2014

After my epic last report from the Underwater Ballroom, my next two reports are much briefer affairs I’m afraid. The reason for this is that I somehow managed to accidentally delete all bar a couple of my photos from this and the next explore – gutted! Still, at least they were relatively small explores, and not ones from another country. History The name HMS Ganges came into service in 1779 when 3 vessels were presented to the navy by the…

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Explore #55: The Superphosphate Factory, aka Mini Millennium Mills, Suffolk – May 2014

After our night time wanderings in an abandoned mental asylum, Darren of Desolate Nation and I decided to stop off to have a look around this former superphosphate factory on our way home. History This warehouse complex was originally built circa 1858-60 as a factory for the manufacture of superphosphate fertilizers for Joseph Fison. The two uppermost of the four storeys were added later in the 19th century. Most of the original windows in the timber-framed upper storeys are unaltered.…

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