Taking the Piscine

Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration Abandoned Germany Courthouse stairs staircase windows light ceiling

Explores #90 and 90a (revisit): The Courthouse, somewhere in Germany – August and September 2014

Explore #1 of the Berlin or Bust Tour After four urbexing weekends to France and Belgium this summer I was itching to head even further afield and explore some sites in Germany. My usual partner in civil trespass, James of James Kerwin Photographic, and I began researching and discussing possible locations and travel logistics. One place in particular was the main draw and centrepiece of our trip – the famous sprawling complex of around 60 buildings which make up the…

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Adam X Chateau de la Chapelle urbex urban exploration belgium abandoned chapel statue statuette mary candle

Explores #89 and #89a (revisit): Chateau de la Chapelle, Belgium – August and September 2014

Explore #12 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour After our early start at the Alla Italia spa, we made a quick stop at this Boeing 707 which used to be owned by the president of Benin. In 1992 he landed at Ootende in Belgium, and it never left! A local politician bought it, and it looks as if he’s in the process of turning it into a tourist attraction?! We had a little nose around, but after setting off an…

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Adam X Alla Italia Belgium Urbex Urban Exploration ceiling shot looking up paintings artwork carving statues windows

Explores #88 and #88a (revisit): Alla Italia health spa, Belgium – August and September 2014

Explore #11 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour The final day of our Belgian weekender was another stupidly early start, so that we could make our entrance to this beautiful former spa whilst still under the cover of darkness. As with The Grand Hotel Regnier I also ended up paying a revisit to this location a month or so later, so have combined my shots from both visits into this single report. History I can’t say much about this location,…

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