I very much enjoyed this little 20-minute explore on a sunny sunday morning with Urban X.

A brief history, abridged from here and here:

St Peter’s church dates back to Norman times, with the majority of its current features thought to have been built around the 14th/15th centuries.

Kelly’s Directory for Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, 1883 records:

“The church of St. Peter is a building of flint with stone dressings, and consists of chancel and nave, separated by an oak screen, a tower round at the base, with an octagonal top and 3 bells : this church was restored at the sole expense of Mrs. Burroughes, of Burlingham Hall, and re-opened for divine service, September, 1874. The register dates from the year 1560.”

One night in 1906 the church’s round tower collapsed into the nave. At first the gap was merely boarded up, but not surprisingly this was found to be unsatisfactory, and in 1936 the remains of the congregation finally decamped up the road to the larger St Andrews’s Church, which is still open today.

Meanwhile, St Peter’s church has been left largely forgotten, continuing its slow decay.









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