Explore #3 of the 3 Eurovirgins and a Europro tour

After exploring the CDC and Monastere Mont G, this was our third and final explore of Day One of our Belgium weekender. We might even have fitted in another explore, had it not been for spending the best part of 2 hours stuck in horrendous traffic jams going around the Brussells ring road – not what was needed after 32+ hours and counting without any sleep.

This former NATO satellite communication control centre was built in 1969. It started communication in 1971, and operated for over 40 years. Apparently the current owner has plans to invest more than £3m in this location to build a new satellite communication centre. However, construction should already have started and the site remains stripped and derelict, with only the impressive former satellite antenna and dome being of any real interest.

Our explore
This was a nice easy and relaxed explore. By the time we arrived it was late afternoon we were all flagging somewhat, so it was nice to visit a location which only really demanded a few shots.

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We had much fun with the echo acoustics inside the dome, before heading to Brussels, where we were staying with a friend of mine who had kindly agreed to put us all up for the weekend. After negotiating the city centre traffic, it was wonderful to have a much-needed shower and then head out to a local pub for pie and chips a couple of pints of the local beer.

We finally crashed out at about 11pm, with alarms set for 5.30am for an action-packed Day Two. Our first target, located next to a large police station: an abandoned church with human bones! If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up to follow this blog, and you’ll receive notification when report how that went…

Adam X