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Adam X Urbex UE Urban Exploration London Rooftops High Night Photo Photography Skyline THM crane south bank thames shard walkie talkie st pails cathedral group shot team explorers

Explore #101: Rooftop THM, London – September 2014

After climbing Battersea Gas Holder #7 we then moved on to this rooftop on London’s South Bank. I can’t say much about this place – the views were great, but our exit was very stressful whilst also being highly memorable. I will probably tell my grandchildren all the details one day, but can’t share them on the internet- suffice to say that it involved half-finished stairwells, dead ends, unbelievably narrow escapes from security, and much more! These definitely look best…

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Adam X Urbex UE Urban Exploration London Rooftops High Night Photo Photography Skyline Battersea Gas Holders Gasometer roof explorers battersea power station BPS

Explore #100: Battersea Gas Holder #7, London – September 2014

The hundred up. One hundred different locations successfully explored (not including revisits or failures) in 384 days since my very first explore at Rock N Roll Farm. That’s an average of nearly two new locations a week – I think it’s safe to say I’m quite into this urban exploration lark… After my “Berlin or Bust” roadtrip to Germany (see my recent reports) it was back to the UK – this time meeting up with a few old and soon-to-be-new…

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Explore #76: St Joseph’s Seminary, Upholland, Lancashire – July 2014

Explore #4 of the Quality>Quantity aka Crimes Against Photography Tour This report is a pretty mammoth one – I hope you’ll agree it’s justified by the location and the story of our explore! After exploring Tower X, The Royalty Cinema and The Ark, and 40+ hours without sleep, our group finally checked in at one of the grottiest “hotels” I have even had the misfortune to stay at, somewhere in a rather insalubrious suburb of Manchester. Urbanographer had booked it…

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