Industrial & Commercial Sites

Explore #6: Dereham Maltings (Crisp Malting Group), Dereham, Norfolk – September 2013

What better way to spend a glorious sunny afternoon with your wife than by crawling around in truly industrial quantities of spider webs and pigeon crap in the almost-to-total pitch black. Despite having our P3 masks firmly on throughout, I don’t think I’ll forget the less than pleasant atmosphere for a while. I also managed to gash my wrist on some broken glass right at the start of the explore. With the first aid kit in the car, and my…

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Explore #4: Gas Holder, Norwich, Norfolk – September 2013

This was a local explore with friend and fellow photography enthusiast Mr EOV. We hadn’t done much of a recce of access to the site in advance, other than a drive by which had confirmed 8 ft+ palisade fencing. Unfortunately we did this explore on a “school night” (i.e. a weekday evening), and by the time we arrived it was no longer the early dusk for which we had been planning, but pretty much dark. Getting in and out of the site…

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Explore #3: Bourton Mill, near Gillingham, North Dorset – August 2013

On the drive down to Cornwall for a camping holiday Dora P and I took a quick detour from the A303, via some country lanes which were easily as narrow as any in our native Norfolk, to this fascinating site. Here is a brief background to the mill, taken from Bourton’s wiki page: “The mill, which is mentioned in the Domesday book, has had many incarnations. As a linen mill it processed flax and supplied canvas to the Royal Navy…

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