Recommended Reports – some selected highlights

Explore #72: Terry’s Chocolate Works, Admin Building, York – June 2014

Urban Exploration is an addictive business – it permeates my waking thoughts and dreams alike. Any visit to friends or family triggers thoughts of “what explore(s) might I be able to squeeze in whilst I’m in that area?”. So when I recently arranged to catch up with a good friend in Leeds, rather than sleep off the usual Sunday morning hangover I instead elected to get up at silly o’clock to drive over to York for first light. The target:…

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Explore #59: Chateau Lumiere, France – June 2014

Explore #4 of the Operation Baguette tour After the sleep-deprived fun and games of the previous day’s exploring I was simply delighted when my alarm went off at 3.30am. Ahem. Dan and I shuffled around our room in semi-conscious monosyllabic fashion, plugging charged batteries back in to cameras, and trying to wake up for another day of derpage (i.e. exploring ‘derps’ – derelict places, try to keep up at the back). In truth, it’s amazing how much better you feel…

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Explore #53: Crashed DC3 plane, Solheimasandur Beach, Iceland – May 2014

After my recent reports from Belgium I’m staying with the international theme, but with something completely different – the remains of a crashed DC3 plane abandoned on a black volcanic beach in Iceland! Mrs X and I recently spent a wonderful 5-day holiday in the stunning land of fire and ice. But of course even with a “normal” (i.e. non urbexing) holiday there’s always room to squeeze in a cheeky explore. I’d read about this plane ages ago, so as…

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