Explore #11: Hales Hospital, Norfolk – October 2013

This was a spur of the moment visit with another local explorer Kubix_UK. We’d heard that pikeys have been living at the front of the site for quite some time now, so we made our approach from the back and kept a low profile. This place is 99% trashed now, so apologies in advance for the somewhat limited photographic offerings in this post. After the wonders of Crookham Court and George Barnsleys I think I’d got a bit spoiled! Still…

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Explore #10: RAF West Raynham, Norfolk – October 2013

After we had crashed and burned on another local target at 5.45am on a Sunday morning, Dora P and I went home, regrouped and visited this site later in the day instead. We went in knowing virtually nothing about the place, other than that it used to be an RAF airbase, most of it was now derelict, and that some of it has been developed into housing. So here’s a quick potted history, courtesy of wiki: RAF West Raynham was…

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Explore #9: George Barnsley & Sons, Sheffield – September 2013

Dora P and I explored this wonderful place one sunny Sunday morning on the way back from a visit to a friend in Leeds. We bumped into two local explorers when we first got in, but otherwise had the place to ourselves for the next four hours until hunger finally got the better of us. Walking around it really felt like we had stepped through a portal back in time, yet with present-day Sheffield still visible outside and the sounds…

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