Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration Abandoned Germany Wunsdorf barracks mural wall soviet detail painting

Explore #91: Wünsdorf-Waldstadt (Northern barracks), Germany – August 2014

Explore #2 of the Berlin or Bust Tour After our brief foray at the Courthouse, James and I fought back the tiredness and chewed up the kilometres on das autobahn in his little SEAT Ibiza. We finally arrived at Wünsdorf mid-afternoon. History The following includes excerpts adapted from Abandoned Berlin’s excellent report from the Southern part of the site. In 1910 Wünsdorf-Waldstadt was a proving ground and garrison for the Imperial German Army. During World War I the site and…

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Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration Abandoned Germany Courthouse stairs staircase windows light ceiling

Explores #90 and 90a (revisit): The Courthouse, somewhere in Germany – August and September 2014

Explore #1 of the Berlin or Bust Tour After four urbexing weekends to France and Belgium this summer I was itching to head even further afield and explore some sites in Germany. My usual partner in civil trespass, James of James Kerwin Photographic, and I began researching and discussing possible locations and travel logistics. One place in particular was the main draw and centrepiece of our trip – the famous sprawling complex of around 60 buildings which make up the…

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Adam X Chateau de la Chapelle urbex urban exploration belgium abandoned chapel statue statuette mary candle

Explores #89 and #89a (revisit): Chateau de la Chapelle, Belgium – August and September 2014

Explore #12 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour After our early start at the Alla Italia spa, we made a quick stop at this Boeing 707 which used to be owned by the president of Benin. In 1992 he landed at Ootende in Belgium, and it never left! A local politician bought it, and it looks as if he’s in the process of turning it into a tourist attraction?! We had a little nose around, but after setting off an…

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