Dining Room table chairs green Biosphere Hotel Urbex Germany Adam X Urban Exploration Access 2016 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location Deutschland Mould

Explore #167: Biosphere Hotel, Germany – May 2016

Explore #7 of ‘The Picnics & Palaces Tour’ First up on Day Three was this exceedingly decrepit and rather tastily decaying abandoned guesthouse, somewhere in the alpine East of Germany. I don’t know any specific history of this place, but it had clearly been disused for quite some time and closed suddenly by the looks of the personal effects and other ephemera left behind. Just as we were about to make our way onto the property a passing car screeched…

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cGrand Hotel Regnier Belgium

Explore #87 and #87a (revisit): Grand Hotel Regnier, Belgium – August and September 2014

Explore #9 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour The penultimate location on Day Two of our trip was this wonderful old hotel, set in a beautiful gorge in the South Belgian countryside. History The Grand Hotel Regnier was built around 1904, but sadly it has been closed for many years since the business went bust. The elderly owner still lives nearby, and mourns the continuing and inevitable decline of this once grand building. Our Explore I had wanted to visit…

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"Hotel Allegria" "Adam X" Urbex Urban Exploration Belgium bar mural painting

Explore #85: Hotel Allegria, Belgium – August 2014

Explore #7 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour. After our pre-dawn mission to the mighty Powerplant Gigawatt we were all absolutely starving. We punched “McDonalds” into our trusty Aussie-voiced satnav Bruce, and were delighted to see that there was a maccers only a few miles away. However upon arrival at the holy golden arches we were gutted to discover that, it being a Sunday, it wasn’t open for another couple of hours. This is one of the most unacceptable traits…

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