Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration Abandoned Germany Courthouse stairs staircase windows light ceiling

Explores #90 and 90a (revisit): The Courthouse, somewhere in Germany – August and September 2014

Explore #1 of the Berlin or Bust Tour After four urbexing weekends to France and Belgium this summer I was itching to head even further afield and explore some sites in Germany. My usual partner in civil trespass, James of James Kerwin Photographic, and I began researching and discussing possible locations and travel logistics. One place in particular was the main draw and centrepiece of our trip – the famous sprawling complex of around 60 buildings which make up the…

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Explore #66: The Magistrates Court and Police Station, somewhere in the UK – June 2014

Back to the UK for this explore of an abandoned Magistrates Court and police station, somewhere in the North of England. The Court closed in 2011 as part of a round of closures of 93 Magistrates and 49 County courts. I had recced this location in October last year but it was sealed. However, I got a tip-off that it was now doable, so made my way there in the company of new exploring buddies Urbanographer and Wasted Abandon. Upon…

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Explore #22: Ipswich County Hall and Court, Ipswich, Suffolk – December 2013

After the fun and japes of Santa Severalls in the morning, we decided to pay Ipswich County Court a flying visit on the way home. The biggest challenge on this explore was trying to find somewhere free to park which was still within a reasonable walking distance of the location, but after much driving around (including the wrong way down a one-way street, oops!) we found somewhere and walked through the crowds of Christmas shoppers, trying not to feel too…

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