Explore #30: Bridge Farm, Great Ryburgh, Norfolk – February 2014

Another quick stopover on a recent day of solo exploring. I’d heard that there wasn’t a huge amount by way of interest here, but thought I’d tick it off the list anyway. As you will see the farmhouse is slap-bang in the middle of category:derp. The outbuildings were slightly more diverting, with a few bits and bobs, including a couple of trashed pianos, an old tea box, and an old blacksmith’s forge. On with the shots… nothing special I’m afraid!…

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Explore #18: British Xylonite / former Wardle Storeys Industrial Site, Brantham, Suffolk – November 2013

After getting busted by Michael at Severalls (see the epilogue to that report) our group of explorers decided to have a look around this old industrial site. The site has certainly seen better days (not helped by a fire earlier this year), and is definitely in the “derp” category. However the company was excellent, the weather was gloriously sunny, and we were still able to find enough remnants of interest to get a few shots. A brief history, as abridged…

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