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Explore #126: The Cloud Cottage / Cloud House, Wales – March 2015

At the end of a long working week I set off on a UK weekender with three explorer buddies – my usual partner in civil trespass James Kerwin, his girlfriend Jade, and the mysterious Slaaaayaaa (aka Ben). Our first stop was to rendezvous in London for a brief revisit (for me) of Finsbury Park reservoir. The plan after that was to drive through the night to deepest darkest Wales in order to explore an amazing old quarry filled with scrap…

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Bowling Alley Urbex Belgium

Explore #82: Bowling Alley / Medieval Bar / Windmill, Belgium – August 2014

Explore #4 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour Pressing on through the sleep deprivation, next on our hit list was this Bowling Alley. Or was it a medieval theme bar? Or was it a windmill? It was all three of course! They say it’s important to diversify your business, but sadly that doesn’t seem to have quite done the trick here. Strikes and gutters, dude, strikes and gutters… We spent a relaxed hour here before heading off to our fifth…

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Explore #35: Hartsbuckle Farm, Liston, near Long Melford, Suffolk – February 2014

As I parked up to explore Bush Boake Allen I saw that the modest-looking farm buildings on the opposite side of the road were sporting some Herras fencing. Any sort of fencing/boarding/scaffolding is pure explorer catnip, but I decided that I would investigate further once I’d explored my primary target of the Bush Boake Allen site – I didn’t want to have an angry farmer telling me to clear off before I’d even got started! From browsing the excellent old…

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