Office Robert Fletcher and Son paper mill Greenfield Oldham Urbex Adam X Urban Exploration 2015 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict

Explore #135: Robert Fletcher and Son Limited paper mill, Greenfield, Oldham, UK – July 2015

History (also partly including abridged and rewritten histories from here and here – all original rights acknowledged) Robert Fletcher joined the paper mill business of Ralph Crompton and Nephews, Bleachers and Papermakers, Stoneclough and Manchester in 1830 shortly after it had opened, and rose through the ranks to eventually become manager of the whole mill. After the last of the Crompton brothers died the succession of the mill was offered to Robert Fletcher. Fletcher controlled the mill until his death…

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selfie inside Control Room A Battersea Power Station Urbex Adam X Urban Exploration 2015 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict

Explore #134: Battersea Power Station (Control Room ‘A’) – some time in 2015

Now that I’ve finally finished editing all my shots from my Easter 2015 trip to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, I thought I’d follow those reports with something equally special from closer to home… I first got into urban exploration in mid 2013. Around that time until early 2014 many explorers successfully managed to penetrate the huge building site which is Battersea Power Station, as security was relatively lax. Unfortunately I was still very new to the scene and had not…

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Gantries inside interior The Snow Factory Soda Ash Works Wallerscote Island Northwich Urbex Urban exploration Adam X Urban Exploration Photo photos photographs UK March 2015 report abandoned disused derelict decay decayed

Explore #129: Wallerscote Island Soda Ash Works, aka The Snow Factory, Northwich – March 2015

After our quick explore of the House of the Soldier’s Widow we were in the mood for something larger and more industrial, so pressed on to this huge Soda Ash works… History Founded by industrial chemists John Brunner and Ludwig Mond, whose partnership began in 1873, the Winngton Works soda ash factory was built in Northwich due to its situation on a 600-foot thick bed of salt and proximity to the Buxton limestone quarries. Soda ash (sodium carbonate) is a…

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