Hallway entrance grand stairs staircase ornate ceiling tiles tiled floor Villa Margherita Night Camping Urbex Adam X Urban Exploration Italy Italia Access 2016 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie

Explore #195: Villa Margherita, Italy – October 2016

Explore #8 of the ‘128mb SD Card Tour’ James and Jade had camped out in this old abandoned villa on a trip the year before (in fact their old tents were still stored in a decaying outbuilding!), so we decided to do the same for the night to save some €€€ for the Italian road tolls and James’ speeding tickets. 😉 History I haven’t been able to locate any history for this old villa. It appears to have been used…

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Hallway corridor large stone fireplace Palac w Zyrowej Urbex Poland Adam X Urban Exploration Permission Visit Access 2016 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location haunting eerie

Explore #178: Pałac w Żyrowej, Poland – May 2016

Explore #18 of ‘The Picnics & Palaces Tour’ Next up, yep you guessed it, another Polish palace! History (translated and rewritten from here). The site of the palace was originally owned by the Opole duchy, dating as far back as 1280. From 1447 it was the seat of the von Zyrowskich family, before being bought in 1631 bought by Count Melchior Ferdinand von Gaschine, who built the palace in the form of a mansion. Between 1899 to 1945 the property…

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Main lecture theatre auditorium side view Adam X Urbex UE Urban Exploration Belgium Pritzer Fac Pritzker Fac University College campus buildings abandoned derelict unused empty disused decay decayed decaying grimy grime

Explore #104: Pritzer Fac, Belgium – September 2014

Explore #4 of the Taking the Piscine Tour Day Two. After my revisit to Chateau de la Chapelle we were all glad to check in to our motel for the night, on the outskirts of a Belgian city. Unfortunately the motel turned out to be not just “cheap” but also “nasty” – imagine a Ryanair toilet with added stale cigarette smoke. I dubbed it “the hateful box of tears” and have vowed never to return. But on the plus side…

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