Kings Reach Tower

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Explore #101: Rooftop THM, London – September 2014

After climbing Battersea Gas Holder #7 we then moved on to this rooftop on London’s South Bank. I can’t say much about this place – the views were great, but our exit was very stressful whilst also being highly memorable. I will probably tell my grandchildren all the details one day, but can’t share them on the internet- suffice to say that it involved half-finished stairwells, dead ends, unbelievably narrow escapes from security, and much more! These definitely look best…

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Explore #69: Rooftop X, London – June 2014

I recently hooked up with my good buddies Peter Sweetpea and Dan of MrDan Explores and Operation Baguette fame for an all nighter of exploring in London. We started the evening by scoping out a potential revisit to Kings Reach Tower… …however we had to abort that due to the increased security presence and the timing not being right. Still on the lookout for other exploring opportunities we came across this fun little rooftop quite by chance. We didn’t expect…

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Explore #39: Kings Reach Tower, London – March 2014

My first “roof-topping” experience was an amazing way to kick off a sleep-deprived mini tour of a few sites down South (of Norfolk that is). It all started with me pootling down the A11, already a bit knackered from a heavy night the night before… until I wondered who that idiot was blocking me in in the right-hand lane. Turns out it was UrbanX, laughing his arse off at the idiot on his inside lane who had abjectly failed to…

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