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External outside exterior Hunter's castle Moja Wola Pałac Myśliwski w Mojej Woli Urbex Poland Adam X Urban Exploration Access 2016 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location haunting eerie

Explore #181: Hunter’s Castle, aka Pałac Myśliwski w Mojej Woli, Poland – May 2016

Explore #21 of ‘The Picnics & Palaces Tour’ As we continued our Polish roadtrip, next on the list was this rather strange ‘palace’ lost deep in some woodland… History (translated and rewritten from here and here). The Palace was built in the 1850s for the Duke of Brunswick-Oleśnica Wilhelm, and was designed by the architect Karłowski. It was extended in 1895 and again in 1902-1903, and is counted among the most architecturally valuable buildings in the region. The palace is…

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Kessel Boiler Controls Kraftwerk Plessa Urbex Powerplant Germany Adam X Urban Exploration Access 2016 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location

Explore #161: Kraftwerk Plessa Powerplant (permission visit) – May 2016

Explore #1 of ‘The Picnics & Palaces Tour’ In May I embarked on an epic week-long roadtrip through Eastern Germany and Poland in the great company of my usual exploring buddy James, his girlfriend Jade, and Dan of Mr Dan Explores fame. After catching a 6am flight out of Stansted to Berlin, first stop on day one was this permission visit to a former coal-fired power station with a beautiful retro control room… History (rewritten from wiki) Built in 1927,…

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Control room dials light painting RAF Neatished Norfolk R12 bunker Urbex Adam X Urban Exploration 2015 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict

Explore #141 – RAF Neatished R12 Bunker, Norfolk (permission visit) – September 2015

When some local explorers arranged a permission visit to this hidden piece of military heritage I jumped at the chance to tag along – thanks guys! History (abridged and amended from wiki) RRH Neatishead is a Royal Air Force Remote Radar Head (RRH) in Norfolk. Established during WWII its primary function was as a Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) for the south of the UK, forming part of the Air Surveillance And Control System (ASACS) and the wider NATO air…

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