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Power Station plant Control Room industry industrial heritage Urbex Adam X Urban Exploration 2015 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict

Explore #132: Abandoned Power Station, UK – March 2015

Sorry that I’ve not posted much in recent months… I’ve been busy exploring and changing jobs, Christmas, etc etc, plus editing the small matter of 4 days’ worth of photos from a trip to Chernobyl last Easter! The reports from there are coming up very soon, but in the meantime here’s a quick little report from what remains of an ancient oil-powered power station somewhere in the South of the UK. I really loved the well-preserved (considering its age) control…

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Urbex Urban Exploration Powerplant Gigawatt XL Cloud Factory turbine hall turbines

Explore #84: Powerplant Gigawatt, aka XL aka The Cloud Factory, Belgium – August 2014

Explore #6 of the Gigawatts & Megalolz Tour After racking up 5 successful explores on day one of the trip the beers that night hit us hard – with the lack of sleep on top we were all pretty merry after about 3 of the premium local beers! So much so that Dan decided that it would be hilarious if he slept al fresco on our balcony that night… …although after much childish giggling and taking of photos we did…

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Explore #47: Powerplant IM, Belgium – April 2014

Explore #5 of the 3 Eurovirgins and a Europro tour Next up on my Belgian weekender with the lovely guys and gal from Desolate Nation, Richard Gowen Photography and Rebecca Litchfield Photography was this vast industrial behemoth. Originally built in the 1920s Powerplant IM was once one of the largest coal-fired power stations in Belgium. The plant was extended to include gas power in the 1970s, but suffered negative media attention from the likes of Greenpeace, and was “mothballed” in…

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