Gergeti Trinity Church Holy Trinity Church Mount Kazbek Georgian Orthodox Georgia Adam X AdamXPhotos Urbex Urban Exploration 2018 Abandoned ruins lost forgotten derelict location

** Bonus Post ** Road trip to Gergeti Trinity Church, including Kvetera Church, Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument, Ananuri Castle, Georgia – October 2018

Bonus Post #3 of the ‘Love Bears’ Tour After exploring the Houses of Culture, we then took the long hairpin Russian military highway north towards the Russian border. Our destination was the beautiful mountain-top Gergeti Trinity Church, and this post shares my photos from there and a few other locations we stopped at along the way… ‘The Beast’ – our car for the week… We began our journey by taking a more interesting ‘cross country’ route, which involved unpaved roads…

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Abstract Detail shot of apartments Drone aerial view side Nutsubidze Plato 1 I Saburtalo District apartment blocks skywalk sky bridge Brutalist architecture Tbilisi Georgia Soviet era Adam X AdamXPhotos Urbex Urban Exploration 2018 2019 Abandoned Access History decay ruins lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie security

** Bonus Post ** Nutsubidze Plato 1 Skybridge Apartments, Laguna Vere Swimming Pool, Tbilisi Sunset, and Soviet Mechanics murals, Tbilisi, Georgia – October 2018

Bonus Post #2 of the ‘Love Bears’ Tour Here are a few more ‘non urbex’ shots, taken at various spots in and around Tbilisi… Nutsubidze Plato 1 Apartments Located in the Saburtalo District of Tbilisi, this trio of brutalist apartment blocks were designed by the architects Otar Kalandarishvili and Guizo Potskhishvili and constructed between 1974-1976. The apartments are still occupied to this day, with its lifts operated by coin, and the ‘sky bridge’ walkways falling into disrepair along with the…

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lady in red control room power plant Industry Industrial Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration Belgium Access 2017 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict location creepy haunting eerie

Explore #215: ‘Lady in Red’ Control Room, France – August 2017

Explore #7 of the ‘Greased Otters Tour’ Please excuse the cringeworthy Urbex codename, not of my doing… History This control room is all that now remains of a former gas and oil-fired power plant, built in the early 2000s to power a paper mill next door. The mill once boasted a production output of 330,00 tonnes of paper per annum, employing almost 350 staff. Production declined during the 2010s, and after failing to sell the site it was closed down…

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