Explore #17: Severalls Asylum, Colchester, Essex – November 2013

The big one. El gordo. The site that I had promised myself that I would explore before the end of 2013. An ambition fulfilled – and then some. When Matthew Adams of the excellent Unexposed Exploration (follow his page, it’s all sorts of ace) kindly offered to lead on what would be his 20th visit to Sevs, Kubix_UK and I needed no persuading. Apparently Matthew’s first two visits to Sevs lasted 24 and 28 minutes respectively due to the prowess…

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Explore #12: Pontins Holiday Camp, Hemsby, Norfolk – October 2013

Unfortunately this explore only lasted about half an hour before we got busted by security. This was my first run in with “secca” as they are known in the world of UE. The guard was a decent sort and just demanded that we left the site immediately the same way that we had come in – which we of course agreed to do without protest “It’s a fair cop guv” (it was), “do you know what the plans are with…

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