Safety netting Yellow Prison H19 Germany Deutschland Urbex Adam X Urban Exploration Access 2016 Abandoned decay lost forgotten derelict

Explore #155: Prison H19 (aka Prison 1893), Germany – February 2016

Explore #2 of ‘The Smell of Cheap Cologne Tour’ After exploring Zeche P we had a fail at our next location, so moved on to the final explore of Day One – a nice relaxing late-afternoon visit to this abandoned Prison where the lights were still left on! History Built in the late 19th century this large prison was built in the suburbs, but as the nearby city grew over the following decades it eventually ended up in a far…

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Finsbury Park Reservoir Hornsey Wood Reservoir Urbex Urban Exploration Photo photos photographs underground Adam X report abandoned disused hidden lost derelict decay decayed forgotten haunting

Explores #124 & #124a (revisit): Finsbury Park / Hornsey Wood reservoir, London – March 2015

Something a wee bit special up next – a beautiful disused Victorian reservoir hidden beneath the heart of London. History Finsbury Park Reservoir, also known by its original name of Hornsey Wood reservoir, was built by the East London Water Works Company between 1868-1869. Lying beneath Finsbury Park, with a capacity of some 5,000,000 gallons, it was used up until the early 21st Century. In 2012 a survey spotted a crack within the brick arches, and the park above it…

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