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flame monument Buzludzha Monument Bulgaria Urban Exploration Urbex Adam X Photo Photos photographs report history tower derelict abandoned decay decaying lost forgotten communist party headquarters

Explore #121: Buzludzha Monument, Bulgaria – January 2015

I’ve got another one of my XXL supersized reports for you this time – the tale of three days spent up a snowy mountain top in the wilds of Bulgaria to see this little beauty… There were a few sore heads and bleary eyes the morning after our boozy arrival in Plovdiv and my late night explore of an ancient Roman amphitheatre, but we loaded up our hire cars and drove through the uninspiring Bulgarian lowlands towards something far more…

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RMS Ganges Shotley Bridge Suffolk Swimming Pool piscine balcony out of bounds trespass trespassing Adam X Urbex Urban Exploration light green photo photos report decay detail UE abandoned derelict unused empty disused decay decayed decaying grimy grime

Explore #110: HMS Ganges Swimming Pool, Shotley, Suffolk – November 2014

After my epic last report from the Underwater Ballroom, my next two reports are much briefer affairs I’m afraid. The reason for this is that I somehow managed to accidentally delete all bar a couple of my photos from this and the next explore – gutted! Still, at least they were relatively small explores, and not ones from another country. History The name HMS Ganges came into service in 1779 when 3 vessels were presented to the navy by the…

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Stairs staircase red velvet curtains fireplace stove Adam X Urbex UE Urban Exploration Belgium Chateau TP Team Piscine hotel abandoned derelict unused empty disused decay decayed decaying grimy grime

Explore #107: Chateau TP, Belgium – September 2014

Explore #10 of the Taking the Piscine Tour After a flying visit to Chateau Congo we were on our way to The Grand Hotel Regnier when we drove past what looking like an abandoned hotel. We hit the brakes, bunged a U-ey, and gave it a closer look. Sure enough it showed definite signs of abandonment and the beginnings of some decay. Utilising our finely honed urbex skills we soon found a sneaky way of getting inside. Sadly our initial…

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