Explore #32: Lime Kiln, Norfolk – February 2014

The 5th and final location of a recent day of solo exploring was this Grade II listed mid-19th Century lime kiln, hidden in woodland in the Norfolk countryside. Lined with brick and flint, and with two entrances and four chutes leading into the brick-lined pot. You can read a bit of the history of lime kilns and quicklime production in Great Britain at this wiki page. One of the entrances to the kiln. Inside the underground brick-vaulted chamber. What remains…

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Explore #16: Harford Hills Chalk Mine, Norwich, Norfolk – November 2013

After clambering up the gantry on my revisit to the timber yard, for our next explore of the day Kubix_UK and I decided to head underground to Harford Hills Chalk Mine. The experience was about 25% anxiety and 75% enjoyment I would say – I did my best not to think of Tom and Becky lost in Injun Joe’s cave… Here is a short background to the mines, taken from this excellent site, which includes a fairly comprehensive survey of…

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