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Explore #106: Chateau Congo, Belgium – September 2014

Explore #9 of the Taking the Piscine Tour After a revisit to Chateau d’Ah it was time for somewhere new – the huge but seriously knackered Chateau Congo. History (borrowed and amended from Rebecca’s blog) This large chateau was built in 1752 on 4 acres of land. The castle’s main facade is built in the Louis XIV style with whitewashed brick, and the outbuildings built in stone with the coat of arms of the Marquis of Radigues. The castle has…

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Explore #72: Terry’s Chocolate Works, Admin Building, York – June 2014

Urban Exploration is an addictive business – it permeates my waking thoughts and dreams alike. Any visit to friends or family triggers thoughts of “what explore(s) might I be able to squeeze in whilst I’m in that area?”. So when I recently arranged to catch up with a good friend in Leeds, rather than sleep off the usual Sunday morning hangover I instead elected to get up at silly o’clock to drive over to York for first light. The target:…

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