Derps and Miscellaneous

Explore #73: Tower X, somewhere in the UK – July 2014

Explore #1 of the Quality>Quantity aka Crimes Against Photography Tour The first location of this UK weekend road trip with Urbanographer, Wasted Abandon, and Carrot In Motion was the amazing and mysterious ‘Tower X’. We’ve used a code name for this location for now to avoid unwanted attention and keep a relatively low profile, but we may update our reports to its true name at a later date… The inspiration to try and crack this location came from a random…

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Explore #67: Thursford Castle / Walsingham Workhouse Chapel, Great Snoring, Norfolk – June 2014

Just a very quick little explore one afternoon recently, as suggested by Urbanographer. I also visited with Wasted Abandon. History The Walsingham Union workhouse was erected at Great Snoring, Norfolk in 1836 at a cost of circa £5,900. Intended to accommodate up to 250 inmates, it was designed by William Thorold and based on Sampson Kempthorne’s model cruciform plan published by the Poor Law Commissioners in 1835. However, the outer buildings at Walsingham gave the workhouse an octagonal rather than…

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Explore #53: Crashed DC3 plane, Solheimasandur Beach, Iceland – May 2014

After my recent reports from Belgium I’m staying with the international theme, but with something completely different – the remains of a crashed DC3 plane abandoned on a black volcanic beach in Iceland! Mrs X and I recently spent a wonderful 5-day holiday in the stunning land of fire and ice. But of course even with a “normal” (i.e. non urbexing) holiday there’s always room to squeeze in a cheeky explore. I’d read about this plane ages ago, so as…

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