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Explore #125: Thamesteel Steelworks, Sheerness, Kent – March 2015

After our unexpected success in exploring Finsbury Park reservoir, fellow explorer Nick and I continued our drive South, and rolled in to Sheerness just before dawn. History (amended and abridged from here and here) Thamesteel is a large former steel foundry and steel rolling site in Sheerness, on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Construction was given the go-ahead in 1971, and completed in 1972 at an initial cost of circa £10m (over £100m in today’s money). The works, owned…

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Finsbury Park Reservoir Hornsey Wood Reservoir Urbex Urban Exploration Photo photos photographs underground Adam X report abandoned disused hidden lost derelict decay decayed forgotten haunting

Explores #124 & #124a (revisit): Finsbury Park / Hornsey Wood reservoir, London – March 2015

Something a wee bit special up next – a beautiful disused Victorian reservoir hidden beneath the heart of London. History Finsbury Park Reservoir, also known by its original name of Hornsey Wood reservoir, was built by the East London Water Works Company between 1868-1869. Lying beneath Finsbury Park, with a capacity of some 5,000,000 gallons, it was used up until the early 21st Century. In 2012 a survey spotted a crack within the brick arches, and the park above it…

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Train locomotive graveyard kaloyanovets bulgaria urbex urban exploration Adam X photo photos photography photographs report abandoned lost derelict decay decayed forgotten haunting

Explore #122: Locomotive Train Graveyard, Kaloyanovets, Bulgaria – February 2015

On the way from Buzludzha back to the airport, we just had time to pay a brief visit to this train graveyard, set in a decrepit two-horse town in rural Bulgaria. History There isn’t really much to report about Kaloyanovets – if you Google the town’s name the first search result refers to a train derailment on 12 July 2014 which killed the driver and injured seven passengers and staff, and part of the train was still present and cordoned…

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