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Explore #128: House of the Soldier’s Widow, UK – March 2015

It was another pre-dawn start for the final day of our UK exploring long weekend. Luckily we didn’t have too far to drive to our first location of the day… a time capsule cottage on the outskirts of a small country village. As with most residential abandonments I don’t have any firm history of this place. From those who have spent far longer there rummaging through the ephemera which still remains, it is thought that the previous owners were a…

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Explore #115: Asylum Manicomio di R / Dr Rossetti, Italy – November 2014

Explore #4 of the Wet, with excitement Tour We made an early start on Day Two of our Italian mini-tour, intending to arrive at this location under cover of darkness. Unfortunately we then lost half an hour arguing with the idiot motel receptionist on check-out, who refused to accept that James had already paid for our room online in advance. Eventually we arrived at around 6am… History Founded in the 1870s this large asylum in a Northern Italian town was…

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Explore #93: The Blue Hospital, Germany – August 2014

Explore #4 of the Berlin or Bust Tour As evening fell at the end of our first day of exploring in Germany, James and I just about had the energy to pay a short visit to this sprawling overgrown hospital complex, abandoned deep in pine woodland. This report is a first for this blog as it only has one photo! But hopefully you’ll find the photo and my story of our explore worthwhile. History I have not found much history…

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