Explore #31: Planet Farm, Hethersett, Norfolk – February 2014

Stop number 4 on a whirlwind day of solo exploring – thanks to Desolate Nation for the heads up on this one. So what I can I say about Planet Farm? Well, “Planet Derp” would probably be closer to the mark. Apparently the place has been abandoned for decades, and the local kids have clearly long since had their fun in trashing it and covering it in graffiti. That said, umm…. the walk down the overgrown track from the main…

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Explore #30: Bridge Farm, Great Ryburgh, Norfolk – February 2014

Another quick stopover on a recent day of solo exploring. I’d heard that there wasn’t a huge amount by way of interest here, but thought I’d tick it off the list anyway. As you will see the farmhouse is slap-bang in the middle of category:derp. The outbuildings were slightly more diverting, with a few bits and bobs, including a couple of trashed pianos, an old tea box, and an old blacksmith’s forge. On with the shots… nothing special I’m afraid!…

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Explore #29: Cricket Pavilion, Guist, Norfolk – February 2014

Last weekend I decided to have a day of solo exploring around a few local sites on my map of targets. The weather was sunny, if somewhat mental, with gale force winds and torrential showers storms threatening later in the day. By the end of the day I had spent 9 hours exploring/driving around the wilds of Norfolk, and ticked off 5 sites on my list – whilst none of them were high profile or massive sites, they were nevertheless…

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