Adam X Urbex Beelitz Heilstatten Germany Urban Exploration Womens Women's Sanatorium Hospital Decay Lost Abandoned Hidden pavilion bathhouse bath house bay windows tiled ceiling ornate

Explores #94b and #94c (revisit): Beelitz-Heilstätten – Women’s Bathhouse and Sanatorium, Germany – August 2014

Explores #5 and #7 of the Berlin or Bust Tour Day Two After our morning exploring the Men’s Bathhouse and Sanatorium and a few other buildings, we had a breather, some lunch and energy drinks, and decided to have a look at the Women’s sanatorium buildings on the other side of the road. As we entered the first building we noticed a couple of other photographers further down one of the corridors. We thought nothing of this, until we turned…

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Adam X Urbex Beelitz Heilstatten Germany Urban Exploration Mens Men's Bathhouse Bath House Hospital Decay Lost Abandoned Hidden entrance foyer reception lobby stairs steps bannister peeling paint

Explores #94 and #94a: Beelitz-Heilstätten – Men’s Bathhouse and Sanatorium & Butcher/Bakery/Laundry buildings, Germany – August 2014

Explore #5 of the Berlin or Bust Tour After the one-shot wonder of my last report at The Blue Hospital, I’ve got an XL sized report for you this time! After enjoying a few well-earned beers at our motel the night before, it was a traditionally early (5am!) start for Day Two of our German weekender. Despite our exhaustion we were keen to get going, as we were headed to the centrepiece around which the whole long weekend had been…

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Explore #72: Terry’s Chocolate Works, Admin Building, York – June 2014

Urban Exploration is an addictive business – it permeates my waking thoughts and dreams alike. Any visit to friends or family triggers thoughts of “what explore(s) might I be able to squeeze in whilst I’m in that area?”. So when I recently arranged to catch up with a good friend in Leeds, rather than sleep off the usual Sunday morning hangover I instead elected to get up at silly o’clock to drive over to York for first light. The target:…

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